We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Cheers For Our Korea Family

This morning I read a news article North Korea and South Korea are open to peace talks and friend related topics.

I want to toss a side note in here.

Kim Jong Un has a very happiness sharing smile.

North Korea has had a bit of a scariness due to the nuclear topic but when I see Kim Jong Un smile I do not feel any of that instead I feel he is trustworthy and a good friend.

Now back to the two locations.

Apparently the covid situation has led a bit to these talks becoming desirable, perhaps opening up more the idea that more friends is beneficial compared to less.

If North Korea and South Korea were to be on good and friendly terms I do expect a lot of agricultural prosperity due to this.

Everyone wants to eat tasty food right?

So here at WLTOP we love our Oldest Parents, but our Oldest Parents and us also love our whole family and that includes Korea, both North and South.

So we wish you the best and hope very whole heartedly for your peace and friendship.

Have a good Wednesday.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤


I have been having back pains recently and cant manage to get out of bed much, so if new content and updates is slow for a while, please enjoy what we already have available.

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