Fun, Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Support For Our Astronauts

I havent been on here much recently due to a weak back in much pain.

My mind today has been on outer space exploration, NASA, and in general all astronauts.

My personal opinion is there is other unique things out there that are not what we have here but they are not going to be easy to get to, and possibly in some situations if carelessness is practiced, even unsafe to claim.

2 main comprehensions are practiced when exploration of space is thought of, that is to find resources, and to find unknown family.

While I would be delighted to have either, if safe, I have the attitude to believe that they are already somewhere out there, I believe them to be at a distance, yet already a part of whatever we would call the Nothing that became something.

So for astronauts the topic brings me a little excitement, however the main part of my thoughts on it are very simple.

I would very much enjoy things like NASA and astronauts as long as no one is harmed due to it.

So in a moment I want to offer prayer for our astronauts, all of them as in we are all one family.

But if I were to proclaim any message to them as vote, it is, do what brings you joy, however please practice caution and care, there are people who love you and finding a new resource or family grouping a little bit faster than what is safe is not worth it.

So, here at WLTOP we love our Oldest Parents, that is, our knowns and we as with astronauts and certain religionists leave open the possibility that there are more out there unknown.

On that loving hope and desire we can offer a prayer that our astronauts live life to the fullest for themselves and for our sake as well.

Dear Oldest Parents

A lot of what our astronauts have found is proof that everything began from Nothing,

It became a something, a something mixed together and a creator began to live, a creator studied its own beginnings and invented creational magic resulting in us creations,

Throughout this grouping of families passions in life, we have hoped for more, as our space has supplied us with valuables that have given us the belief there is more,

While we as creations pray to the parents we know, and while we study everything began from Nothing,

We have kept in our emotions to find joyous useables, knowledge, and unknown family,

Our astronauts have made fire of use, even though it has had dangers,

These beloved family members have risked there own safety sometimes for the sake to reach out to you and simply be called your friend.

It is true it would also be fun to find new resources and knowledge, but I think its honest to say we are searching for our most accurate form of the word “Leader”.

So to whomever the unknown powers that be are, and to our known powers,

Please protect and guide our astronauts,

Please keep in your memory how they started as infant children of yours and you had them grow into a source of passion to find you and share pleasantries.

They went from cradle, to feet, and they are now putting effort into accessing the welcoming place of your home,

Oldest Parents we thank you for allowing us such freedoms and for so many safeties.

Please know we look to find you, and we already call you friend.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, Good Luck To You Astronauts ❤

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