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A Genesis Difference Between Christianity And Judaism

Judaism and Christianity are in many ways the same religion.

That is if we consider Christians to want to believe in the old testament, and worship and obey the Heavenly Father known in English as “God”.

A large difference with Christianity that is well known is the worship of his son and creation known in English as “Jesus”.

However the 2 different religions may actually have a much deeper and more important difference.

What is that you may ask?

It is obedience to the Creators command(s).

We all basically know Adam is told of to have eaten from the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Christians well know in revelations, which is said to be a dream a Jew had, of Jesus, Jesus offers the tree of life to his obedient followers, including the attitude of “Those whom love God”.

Therein is a major problem and religious conflict.

If you have read the bible it is possible since it is basically a 1000 pages long you already lost memory and or notice that in Genesis Gods 2nd taboo was the tree of life.

We see in Genesis 2:17 God forbids the tree of knowledge of good and evil to be touched and or eaten.

But we shouldnt let the passion of good Jesus distract us from another fact, that is, in Genesis 3:22 God forbids the eating of the tree of life.

Now dont think I am speaking ill of Jesus, I like and love him I do, but lets analyze something.

While Jesus was alive, present, and direct, he never once offered the tree of life to anyone, it wasnt until after the crucification of Jesus that a man proclaimed to have a dream where Jesus offered him the tree of life, that entire dream, is the New Testaments book of Revelations (Fixed Typo).

But once again, when considering whether you are Jewish or Christian you need to deeply consider who you want to be loyal to, The Heavenly Father, The Heavenly Father and His Son, or The Heavenly Father and His Son and A Jewish Mans Dream?

If you want something reliable, I will offer my advice.

Judaism is good, and I lean towards it as my own religion, Christianity also has a lot of good to it, but what comes with Christianity is a need to respect its roots, the religion it is based upon which is Judaism.

That means if you want to be a Christian instead of a Jew there are a few major things to notice in your pursuit.

Dont abandon the old testament, Dont raise Jesus above God, Respect the taboos of Genesis which are to not touch or eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17) also to not eat from the tree of life (Genesis 3:22), and lastly since God says in Genesis do not eat from the tree of life, and in Revelations the dream states Jesus offers the tree of life, do not invest your heart, emotions, and passions into the book of revelations because it directly goes against Gods Authority.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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