Fun, Poetry, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Minor)

We Are Starting With

This morning I wrote a poem glorifying “God” and the Nothing everything began from.

I thought the poem was so loving, deeply thought, and entertaining I had an idea.

How about start a poetry website account, write a bunch of poetry related to WLTOP topics and collect it all for peoples enjoyment and use?

So I did a quick search engine detectivery for social media poetry websites and found a very simple yet awesome one.

We now have a social media account and it will be our free source of poetry storage.

The poems will all be mostly WLTOP topics such as family, creational, love, parenting, nature, magic, everything began from Nothing, religion, the afterlife, spirituality, marriage, and other similar topics.

Currently this morning I posted that poem I was talking to you a moment ago about and I wrote 1 additional poem dedicated to thanking them for allowing us to be a free member.

So that makes a total of 2 poems we have collected so far, and I expect to add more soon, maybe even today, I know 2 is not enough to satisfy your desire for enjoyment so I will try to get some done ASAP but I want them to be high quality and honest so maybe check back in a few days.

You can find a link to our account in our websites menu under the social media menu area, I will post a direct link to the account below. Enjoy.

Click Here To Check WLTOPS Poems On PoetryPoem.Com

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, Enjoy Your Sunday ❤

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