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WLTOP To Yodh He Waw He “Lord’s Release”

I will add detail to “The LORD’s Release” you form your opinion if you like the idea

Deuteronomy 15:2 (The LORD’s Release)

It means you are forgiven debts at the end of 7 years which some say means 8 years I say it is probably actually meant to be when 7 has become the complete year, as Genesis forms 7 days on a calendar

It means

You dont owe money past 7 years

You cant be imprisoned over 7 years

Your each criminal record is expunged (or canceled) after 7 years

You cant be banned over 7 years

You cant be exiled over 7 years

You cant be banished over 7 years

You cant be cursed over 7 years

You cant suffer hell or abyss over 7 years

You cant be, basically, in debt for more than 7 years

Its called the LORD’s release and if it were actually fully practiced these things would be a reality

We like to offer prayer, your not alone I do it too

But I want to actually talk to the boss about making this a reality

Some expect to meet “God” in the afterlife, some say they have met him in current life

As I mentioned we pray together

I am going to pray in my heart that he let me talk with him to make the LORD’s release more active in his kingdom

It was his idea and a good one

To me it kinda seems like it was his first major and direct opportunity he offered to cancel the curses of Genesis

So, Mr. Awesome Heavenly Father, hope and pray your hearing this, can we please? and Thank You.

For you viewers, please enjoy showing our heavenly ancestor your support by liking this post and commenting, the more we prove to him we want it, I expect the sooner and more likely it can ever happen.

Much Love.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Hope We Get It ❤

P.S. a bit different area of the bible but we also need to figure some kinda answer on the Genesis verses about all plants being good, and only the 2 being forbidden and that was (Tree of knowledge of good and evil, and tree of life), I know its been a sensitive topic but too much heart ache and stress happens upon all that, we really need leadership help and advice

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