Fun, Poetry, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Poem Titled The Creator Safely

The Creator Safely

A creator is alone
Having its home
Passing the time by time

Wanting a friend
To share love with no end
Smiles arise and rise

With curiosity amongst
The greatest of bunks
What can a creation supply

The love that is sought
Not traded or bought
With a feeling of safety in joy

For an old man
Lifes not a plan
Its an adventure of choices and play

So for the creator
Earth and heaven maker
The creation should try to be kind

To love and to hold
The young and the old
Family is comforting in need

A person who was alone
Now has the tone
To lead and recieve a friend

With this place comes a respect
Learned slowly enough and yet
Feelings of safety yes so and not maybe

So what do I bring, and happily sing?
Love In Safety

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