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A Poem Titled More Than The Nothing

We Love The Oldest Parents Poetry

More Than The Nothing

From Nothing it began
To forth it flowed and ran

A water you can see
Drinkable by you and me

But where does it come from
How did it appear

Nothing it was
Something its here

But not let it confuse you
Rocks bring it to you

So where oh where
Does Nothing bring water fair?

A lost practice bought
Lost maybe not

Water is proof
And with water comes two truths

Nothing was there
But Nothings not fair

What else could be done?
How to have fun?

When a Nothing becomes a something
Water and dirt does it bring

So how is this proof, evidence, and truth?
Its all in the youth… of the Nothing.

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P.S. Im going to try and add more poetry but my backs been bringing me pain for a few weeks and I dont get much done, I will try to find time to entertain with some fun and beautiful poetry but I am not sure how long its going to be until then. Much Love.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Have A Good Sunday ❤

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