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A Poem Titled Reunion Of Fate

We Love The Oldest Parents Poetry

Reunion Of Fate

Have we met?
I’m sure we have

What regret?
We don’t have

Surviving is a skill
Patience is a fate

A strong will
A golden plate

I enjoy you happily
You are truly my friend

So why do we get confused?
When our love seems to end

The mystery of it all
So much to be solved

Is it worth it we ponder
We store and not squander

We hold on to life
Loving each other

We would not trade our self
For any other

What have we to gain
That is the mystery

Because were tired you see
Of living so plain

What should we do?
We have a clue

Lets explore fate
Lets abandon hate

All the worry we have had
Not having it is not sad

So what a greed it is and was
To hold onto such a feeling of trust

For the things that make us bad

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