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A Prayer Check On The Lord

Just took a pain medicine to help my back thought I could do something on here.

You are possibly curious of the title of this post.

What I meant is, I was thinking about our Heavenly Father, and I feel curious about what hes doing tonight.

So I will offer a prayer.

Dear Lord,

I was thinking about you tonight,

Not sure what kind of a night your having,

I am hoping your having a happy night though,

For a bit of filler in this prayer,

I found a church game on google play and its kinda fun,

Wanting to spend time with you,

Thinking of you,

Hoping your in a good mood,

Signed your descendant.

Well thats the post friends, if thats not enough to entertain you, earlier I added some new poetry to our account, you can find a link to it in our menu under the social tab.

❤ Have a great night everyone, much love ❤

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