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A Religious Offering And Avoiding Temptation

Okay so this is not solely to brag but this is more of a concern.

I received an email from someone whom read a part of “My Exodus Offering” the Exodus 30:14 offering I prepared to give as a gift to Yodh He Waw He.

To fill you in if your new, Jewish people when they become around the age of 20 are supposed to prepare a gift for the Lord.

I wrote 10 short stories, each about 8 pages long, and compiled them into one book I titled “My Exodus Offering”.

The book was intended to be that gift to the Lord along with this club and the book contained Creational topics.

Here is what got me a little concerned.

People are reaching out to claim some rights to the book for monetary sharing.

I made the book as a gift to the Lord as well as also offer it for free download from the Google Play store for anyone who can enjoy such entertainment.

If I were to offer paperback copies of the book I would want them to be non-profit.

My perspective of the request from the Lord in all qualities of wisdom of his Tanakh is that once I commit my gift to him, I should honor that.

Selling it or even losing credit for giving it seems it should not be done.

So to anyone who had the idea of making money of that book, please do not tempt me.


If my health recovers I already have a idea for a book I would like to write that I expect I would be happy to work with a publisher for monetary gain.

The book would be about the art of decoding photographs using geometry, kaleidoscopes, and mirror tiling.

Basically how to take a photograph of nature, stick it in a kaleidoscope tool and watch it become cartoon characters and other art.

I cant do that book right now and if I tried it would not be a high quality version of it.

I do want to write it, but I need to be mentally healthy to do it properly.

So dear publishers, I am writing this message for you, please do not tempt me into selling my free gift or losing my credit of it.

Please have patience that I may possibly work with you on the other book if I can ever have my mind healthy.

Want to see some examples of the art made from photographs of nature that became cartoon characters simply by a small amount of geometrical editing? Check below, click to enlarge the photos.

❤ Thank You For Reading, Much Love ❤

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