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What If It Weren’t So Simple?

The Lord by a few religions is accepted quite simply as the oldest parent.

I have a friendly feeling toward this ancestor that is calling me to consider a prayer for him.

But will it reach anyone older?

Well if there is anyone older yes, if not, at least its lovingly meant.


Okay so below is a prayer I am making for the sake of our ancestor the Lord to our Oldest Parents, should there actually be anyone older than he.

Dear Oldest Parents,

The Lord has been a good Father,

He has in his long life not abandoned passion,

He is smart and he is a quick learner,

He teaches and he considers,

Truly he is a wealth of value,

I am praying now a bit blindly as I am honest because I do not much know who is older, I simply feel a possibility of someone older,

And I wanted to say, I love him,

Also I would greatly be pleased if you would count that to his favor,

He is my friend, and he has been a teacher to me,

While good has been a bit corrupted by the opposite recently, he still seems to care,

When the Lord began life, truly it was a successful time,

Please remember him kindly and lovingly,

Signed a descendant.

So thats the prayer for our ancestor, if theres anyone older they will hear it, if not it sails off to the heart of the Nothing everything began from.

While Christians, Jews, and possibly a few other religions guess the Lord is the oldest parent, it seems okay to not jump to that conclusion as he himself in the bible and tanakh does not use the words to claim he is the oldest. To my knowledge.

Lifes a bit hectic recently but hey I still have love for the guy, hoping this prayer does some good.

Anyways thanks for joining us in our adventure to “Love The Oldest Parents”.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Have a Great Tuesday ❤

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