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A Poem About The Hurtful Words I Dont Love You

We Love The Oldest Parents Poetry

I Dont Love You Anymore The Temporary

Is love so weak
To test the meek

I think we can make it
If we can take it

I said I love you
I always will

Fear causes doubt
Love remains and still

The words are lost
But not the truth

The love remains
The fear caused pains

What I said, do I regret?
I said I love you, and fear got us yet

Be more patient than doubt
Of love your not without

The emotions stay
Past the tears

A little calm
Then the fear will be gone

Friends will make amends
All loving trends

Because we have a love
Stronger than hurtful words

You seek so much
You seek it all

Love is proof
But you will not stall

So believe in much
But also retrieve

That love is more than words
A love from me, and heed

That its not so easy
To always be so pleasey

When we consider it all
Did you want perfection, as a rock?

Always there where you left it
Never moves away from its own fret

Or did you want true love
Eternally in stock?

Got the inspiration to write this poem while listening to the rock music band “Evanescence”. In one of her songs she uses the lyrics “I dont love you anymore” those lyrics reached out to me that in the past when I became frustrated and afraid I myself used those words and I regret having saddened the emotions of those I used them with, whom I actually do love. Considering that I decided to write this poem about the experience and how words are not the only part of love and how love itself is possibly a higher form of our life than words, yet words are also important and apologizing and fixing it with words is also worth the effort.

❤ Much Love, Thanks For Reading ❤

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