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A New Page In Our Menu And Its Adventurous

I added a new page in our menu that is going to probably be an adventure of learning and fun.

Look for the new page under “WLTOP?” and then “The Waw Family Theory”.

What is it about you are possibly curious?

Well it goes to an older idea I had that I tried to prove and kinda immaturely fell short.

But a bit of recent research has refueled my passionate energy to pass the theory or discard it.

The idea is, the Lord wrote his name down on the 10 commandments as “Yodh He Waw He” that is what it is in English.

On the new page I started the adventure of a theory I have to try and prove that the Lords first name is actually “Yodh” and the family name is “Waw”.

The alphabet character in Hebrew for “He” is a single alphabet character and its meaning is the word “The”.

Because of that “Yodh He Waw He” could actually mean “The Yodh and The Waw”.

Also a bit of intermixing of languages all over the planet may have happened because in English “He” means “Male” and the Lord is a Male.

So I am searching for evidence, proof, truth, and heck even fun to solve the question and see if we can benefit in knowing this.

If we could prove this theory, we could say the Lords descendants are a part of the “Waw” family.

So once again you can find the new page in our menu, I will post a preview of it below, expect updates to it slowly I dont wanna rush solving this curious language puzzle.

Ok preview is below

The Waw Family Theory


Read from right to left, as is Hebrew, it is “Yodh He Waw He”.

That is the name the LORD wrote down for himself on the 10 commandments he gave to Moses.

I will simplify my explanation for you.

I consider it possible the LORD’s first name is “Yodh” and the family name is “Waw”.

The ” ה ” in English is “He” and it is a Hebrew Aramaic letter. The letters meaning and description is the word “The”.

This means “Yodh He Waw He” could possibly actually be “The Yodh and The Waw”.

There is slight curiosity that the describer English word “He” means “Male” and the LORD is a male. It may be possible throughout languages intermixing that there be a link where Hebrews “He” is connected to English’s “He”.

That part is more difficult to prove partially because English is said to have been invented after Hebrew and Aramaic and also because the “He” in Hebrew would then have two meanings “The” and “Male”, which is possible.

I am seeking more evidence to support the theory.

Expect slow updates, I wanna make sure I bring evidence and support to this theory carefully, accurately, and lovingly.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, Wish Us Luck 🙂 ❤

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