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From Yodhamah To Adamah With Language

Okay so I made a simple language chart to display how the Hebrew name Yodh He Waw He was and then how when it became slightly altered it became his sons name Adam.

Yodh He Waw He in Hebrew as יהוה

When a few lines are added becomes the English name Adam.

Below is the language chart for your viewing pleasure, it has also been added to our apreciation art page in the menu under “WLTOP?” and will soon be added to our deviantart and pinterest.

Enjoy the above art I made it is a faces in faces collage, the big face being the Father and the inner smaller face being the son.

❤ Thanks for reading Have a great Sunday, Much Love ❤

The Jews refer to humanity as the “Adamah” “Descended from Adam”, Yodhamah is wordplay parody to describe “Descendants Of Yodh He Waw He”.

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