Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

The ACLJ And Ending Abortion Asking For Donations

The ACLJ is a Christian based law group that is taking cases to the Supreme Court of the United States to end abortion.

My birthday isnt far away and I got an email from them asking for donations.

So I decided to partner up with them to protect the lives of babies and as such, here at WLTOP we love our ancestors which means we love their descendants, especially those who havent had a fair chance at life yet.

I started a fundraiser on Facebook that will collect donations until 1 day after my birthday, the end date being November 19th of 2021.

Below I will post a link to the Facebook fundraiser and I am using WLTOP’s Christian and Jewish religion source which has the commandments “Thou shalt not murder” to make a plea that we donate together to help protect the Oldest Parents children.

I already donated $5 to get us started. I set the goal to $1,000,000.

I am inviting my Facebook friends to donate and I have thousands and also I am asking our friends here to estimate if they can make any donation amount to the fundraiser.

Tonight is the start of the fundraiser, we have a few months to see how big of a collection we can amass to help this legal team end abortion and save the lives of innocent children whom our creator tried to protect earlier in history by commanding “Thou shalt not murder”.

Can you donate a $1? Can you donate $5?

Please help if it is in you heart, and I know as a WLTOP club member, you love.

Thank you, click the below link to go to the fundraiser where you can get updates, make donations, and see our progress.

Click Here To Go To The Donation Page On Facebook

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