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A Poem Titled The 2 Oldest Ancestors

We Love The Oldest Parents Poetry

The 2 Oldest Ancestors

A creator and its first creation
What a dream

To have started alone
But thats no longer seen

We descendants love and praise you
Truthfully we adore

All of our Oldest Parents
Our family has become a galore

You invented marriage
Not wanting to lose loyalty

We invest in it
Our family is royalty

A King and a Queen
Sitting atop our tree

Ancestry that was is and also…
Will be

Heaven and Earth are yours to mold
Having each childs soul created a hug and a hold

This family has become great
And we thank

Our Oldest parents for waiting
Till a future date

For the family to grow
Past the number of one

It had become two
And it is still fun

So thank you ancestors
We know you love us

Through all of our happiness
And even our fuss

Two Oldest Parents
Sitting atop our tree

This family built by the Oldest
For you and for me

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