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Have You Heard Of Celibacy?

Okay family, I am feeling some energy so I got something done.

Let me start by saying, Oldest Parents we love you, and viewers I love you.

So the question of our post is have you heard of celibacy?

It is a word used to explain refrain from marriage, sex, or both.

But to focus on a part of the definition, in this post we will be talking about how it is effected by the 10 commandments, and also, what a monk and nun is.

In the 10 commandments is “Thou shalt not fornicate”.

But what could this possibly mean?

As of the old ways to marriage, the Creator had a structure to it.

For example the story of how Adam and Eve were intended for each other by the creator.

Some religiously celibate people believe they have a specific soul mate that is uniquely 1 person and cannot be anyone else.

So for this religlously celibacy we are talking about, we are focusing on “Creator Intended Marital Partners”.

Like the story of Adam and Eve a bit.

So for anyone out there who is looking for their soul mate, their marital partner that the Creator designated them by old design, I have made a card for you, for us even as I am this way, I am seeking to wait for marriage unless I can be with my marital partner whom the Creator designates for me.

Below I will post the nifty little card that you can print out and stick in your wallet as a courage badge to help keep you in the attitude of a monk or a nun to say that you want a perfect marriage.

I will post the one I signed as a boasting and also as strength for you to not be embarrassed or feel alone.

With Monks and Nuns they typically live and work together in groups and that gives them the strength and will to continue in their decision.

Okay first up is the blank one you can print out and sign, then next is the one I signed, click to enlarge.

Neat huh?

Well it is a bit unique of a post, its not all over our planet that we find such a thing but I believe our ancestor appreciation club is the right place for this kind of effort.

So if your deciding to join in on religious celibacy and pursue being with your soul mate, feel free to consider yourself a monk if your a brother or a nun if your a sister, that’s kind of the fitting in our world allows, you can just consider yourself loving and loyal if you would prefer that.

Anyways I will post the unsigned card on our appreciation art page in the menu under “WLTOP?” and it will also be going on deviant art, our facebook group, and pinterest, I think I can possibly get it on instagram too.

Well have a great day my friends, my family, you deserve it!

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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