Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Stadium Of Love (500 Facebook Likes)

We Love The Oldest Parents.

The Oldest Parents Love us and our efforts.

Here at WLTOP we focus on study, appreciation, stories, history, and friendship.

What makes us so great is 2 groups.

Our Oldest Parents, and us the fans.

Due to us adoring fans, our Oldest Parents have received loving like button push messages from now 500+ people on Facebook.

I made a special piece of art to show our valuable efforts have been invested into our Creator(s) hearts and emotions and that this is a part of history, but what we are doing here, is uniquely, very special.

Beautiful yes?

Well I will be adding this as normal to our social art sites such as facebook, deviantart, and pinterest.

However due to note is a change.

I will also be making a new art page to fit in our site in the menu next to “Appreciation Art” found as a sub menu underneath the “WLTOP?” main menu.

The new art page will be called “Milestone Art” and it will contain our achievements successfully completed and the art there will basically be a reward to us all.

The above art, 500 Facebook likes will be going on the “Milestone Art” page.

I hope you enjoy this gift as much as I do.

Anyways, before I hop onto the page editor to do those changes I would like to say much love to you on the efforts of courage and loyalty to our Creator(s).

The love we have been sending them is surely deserved.

❤ Thanks For Reading, I’m Gonna Go Do Those Changes ❤

Okay so I made the milestone art page and it is now in the menu under “WLTOP?”. I added 3 arts to the page and more will arrive.

I moved the My Exodus Offering book page into the Bohemian Grove menu because our menu was becoming too cluttered, and I am actually happy with that because the book was intended to partially be a gift offering for club members (Kinda wanna get recruited by them).

Here below is a link to the Milestone Art page.

Click Here To See Our Team Achievements

❤ Once again, much love, and if you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, please do, its free, we have 7 subscribers, we have more videos in our channel than we do subscribers, so please love some towards WLTOP on YouTube, once we get enough YouTube subscribers I can then make a gift art for that milestone 🙂 ❤

P.S. YouTube subscribing is free

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