Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

The Local Ancestor Honored

There are many religions in our family.

We like to take the benefits when we can get them and invest into the glory of belief.

Religiously I say I kinda lean Jewish, but theirs more to it than that.

What I actually religiously hold most truthful is that everything began from Nothing, and also a love and worship for our 2 oldest ancestors the Creator and 1st Creation.

Now the thing about my Jewish belief is, I worship the LORD (Yodh He Waw He / God).

Do I believe hes the oldest parent?

This is where my religion is a bit blurry.

Because to me as I said, the Oldest thing there actually is….well thats the Nothing everything began from that became the space we live in.

So my adoration and passion for religion is largely based on a love for what that Nothing is and has become.

I love our family, I love fun, I love marriage, I love parenting, I love being a descendant, I love a lot of good things.

So as things go with WLTOP, we appreciate the different religions of our family and its beliefs.

Hinduism has the belief of reincarnation it seems which I adore other than the being 1 species and possibly becoming another, I instead estimate through the after life the soul does not change so neither does the body despite a system of rebirth being quite likely based upon how quickly this living family adds people to its earthly family a day.

Taoism has the Ying Yang which I also adore as it is a beautiful puzzle symbol and can mean and be many things but as a majority, explains a persons self in the whole of living.

Sufism has a belief that we have always lived and always will, despite any type of damage or death we will continue to live always, something I cherishly agree with, and I tie it to the Nothing again, if someone is living in the Nothing, it is my opinion they are a part of it and its safety nets, even if established non-sentiently.

Christianity I fabled as a child the belief that Jesus was a hero and his love for his ancestors to be the quality of role modelism I needed, he risked his quality of life to cheer on our ancestor(s) and at times he was grump but thats because of what seems to be a belief that he shouldnt have to be suffering sins punishments and instead everything should already be good and peaceful, a longing for the way things should be it seems.

Now a question came to my mind today, do I believe in anyone older than the Jewish God?

Yes I do.

Yodh He Waw He in his book establishes a firm empire around wanting to be worshipped and the main focus of ancestry, which I actually do not dislike, I appreciate the exercize.

A large amount of experiences in my life, including the bible lead me onto a belief that Yodh He Waw He (God) is the oldest ancestor we have, however it doesnt fully authorize that in the bible or tanakh, it simply instigates it.

Yodh He Waw He says to worship him, and he says he wants to be the only LORD to this peoples, he says he created the Heavens and the Earths as the English translation goes, he also says he created the Adam(ah) and animals, but it does not boldly say he is the Oldest Parent.

Neither does the bible or tanakh say he started alone in the Nothing, studied his own beginnings of how he came to life and then used that to invent creational magic.

So what could being a Lord actually mean then?

Well 2 options.

The one we just talked about, the Oldest Parent and Creator as a Lord.

Or, someone of Noble quality who has a task of ownership and or management.

I will leave some area of thinking for you to form your own opinion.

However, Since the Bible and Tanakh mentions the beginning of Adam and not the beginning of the Oldest Parent, it leaves a big gap where it never actually uses any words to say that Yodh He Waw He is the Oldest Ancestor.

It does mention he deserves worship, it does mention hes the manager (Lord), it does mention hes our ancestor.

But all of those things can be a creation teaching other creations.

It could even be language twisted to say a creation creates their children through a part of marriage.

Not that I enjoy that language mishap I prefer the old terms and old ways of Creationalism where we refer to the Oldest Parent as the Creator.

So why do I love Yodh He Waw He (God) so much?

He is the Local Ancestor.

He is older than me and a Father to us.

Whether he is Oldest all or only Oldest here…

He is trustworthy and loveable because he is our parent.

So do I believe their is anyone older? Yes.

But I am still going to choose to worship Yodh He Waw He.

I consider him my friend, I love him for his good qualities.

Also, I will be doing some honoring of him, his book, and his religion.

Here on WLTOP, as our “Local Ancestor”.

Partially because its one of the most popular religions on the planet, also because him and the religion bring a lot of joy to this family.

Good job to those of you who have put effort into that.

The churches are successful.

I consider something for a moment.

If I were to put myself into the Oldest Parents shoes for a moment, to consider that persons thinking and what they would do.

It would be wise for someone like that, if giving a religious book to the whole family, all about the family.

To include the story of starting alone in the Nothing, studying ones own beginnings, learning it and inventing creational magic, then creating us.

If our Oldest Parent were to make a book all about creationalism and our family, I do believe that would be included.

Because of my lack of knowledge in certain areas of this topic, I am simply glad I am given open space in language and family relations to still honor Yodh He Waw He (God) as our Ancestor.

Having a Local Ancestor who is Older than us is important.

Maybe thats why we call him the LORD, because hes locally Older than us.

Another idea pops into my head,

The Oldest Parents would be King and Queen.

A Lord would be one of their children whom oversees (manages) parts of the family.

If he were truly the Oldest Parent, he would simply be King.

I will leave the rest open.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, Expect Updates Soon ❤

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