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A Poem Sufism Eternally

Sufism is a religion I am very fond of.

They have a belief that one lives forever and always has.

Having become eternal at either start, or lacking a start yet continuing eternally.

As I mentioned in the previous post I was going to try to write some Sufism and Hinduism poems.

Here is a Sufism poem that I like very much and I am happy to share with you.


We Love The Oldest Parents Poetry

Sufism Eternally

The Sufis believe
Quite extraordinarily

A life you have
And life you will

That never ends

Despite damage to body, harm, or hearty
Something keeps you alive

It is quite special
For some how to be believable

Unless you see it with your own eyes

To experience it with your mind
To live it yourself you must do

The powers that be
Always protect thee

That is what it is like to always be alive

So don’t worry don’t fret
Don’t accept any hate or regret

Because tomorrow you will still be
A part of good deeds and passionate to be

Eternally alive

❤ I Hope You Enjoyed It, Much Love ❤

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