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Little Hero Idle RPG (Video Game Suggestion)

A new phone video game was released yesterday, I downloaded it and I am surprised.

It is very unique compared to other phone rpgs.

It has random events that other rpgs do not have.

You can earn free diamonds and then spend them on upgrades from a priestess, some that even increase the amount of diamonds you get from watching a video from 200 diamonds to 400 diamonds per add for example.

I have a pet elf whom increases exp gain by 400% and gold gain by 400% which I got for free.

Partner that with a 10 X exp random event, and then use exp potions to speed up game time by a few hours and I was nearly level 400 from only 4 hours of play.

Currently the max level is 1000, they offer rebirths and more changes and updates are coming.

There is plenty of early game content that does not degrade late game, late game there is still quality content and the game being new, it will have added to it even more soon.

The name of this new phone rpg is “Little Hero: Idle RPG” and it has graphics similar to super nintendo or playstation.

It is truly beautiful and the music and sound effects are fun too.

Quite quickly this new game has easily become my favorite multiplayer game.

There are many events currently happening which offer a vast grouping of different rewards to keep you satisfied.

Here let me show you some screenshots and art of the game.

Click a picture to enlarge it.

The game is online and features a fun chat system to ask for help and talk with other players.

At WLTOP we do a lot of appreciating our ancestors, but in our off time we need to entertain ourselves to keep our morale up.

So if you enjoy video games, anime, or RPG’s, I highly recommend this new game.

I am on the North American server and my character name is Azber.

(UPDATE) You can use 2 coupons in game to get some gifts, click your top left character portrait, then coupon code redeem, enter codes “little” and “hero” both seperately.

Let me share with you the link to get their free game and their facebook in case you need to message game staff or want updates and the occasionaly redeemable coupon for gifts.

Click Here To Get Little Hero Idle RPG From Google Play

Click Here To Get Little Hero Idle RPG From The Apple Store

Here is their facebook.

Click Here For The Idle Hero Facebook Page

This game is a great opportunity for us to have fun as a family, I hope some will enjoy it.

I know this is a rest from our normal website activities but expect more on topic WLTOP related content soon.

Enjoy The Game.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

P.S. the screenshots I posted were of my early play, if it seems like I didnt share a lot of the content, it is true more unlocks as you progress and level up, it is not a shallow game.

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