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Pyramids Passion (Long Post – Inspirational)

This morning I was reading a very fulfilling in length news article about the pyramids.

It brought about a feeling of passion while reading it and the pictures were beautiful.

It brings into my morning thoughts of how we have in our adventure of life sought to improve ourselves, and each other.

Our Creator was alone, improved themself, and when making others, was prepared to be a skilled teacher.

We as a family have gotten quite far in our team.

The Creator lived alone longer than we have been together it seems.

So cheers to reaching the time when our family has been family the same length loneliness was loneliness.

It sounds a bit sad but in all actuality that time our Creator spent alone is still to this day a cement holding together a lot of the good qualities of each of us.

So we have that goal to reach and celebrate if our Creator will embrace it.

But you know what the pyramids brings into my focus this morning?

We are always wanting more knowledge, benefit, capability, and excitement.

Fun, is the short way of compiling it in nowadays terms.

Boredom is something we seek to avoid, but are we truly at the point of having no unsolved questions?

Let me put in our conversation some ideas to inspire you.

Some topics with still curiousity to them are… Creational Magic. The Nothing. Pre-Nothing. Outer Nothing? Space. Unknown Family. Life that has no beginning or end yet always was alive, Breaking The Limits of Geometry, Unknown Math, and to say it slightly, yet it is quite overlooked is to have a unfound here unique quality.

Those are topics that while pursued, could still have richer definition of comprehension and obtainability.

I am a bit of a fan of the topic of teleportation also which I have heard is impossible.

Based upon 2 dimensional properties which are the basics of math it is proven over and over to be impossible.


Those people who prove that are the same people who agree everything began from Nothing.

It is said the Nothing became a something and grew, stretching out to be our space, our something.

How does 1 Nothing grow? There isn’t anything to grow yes?

To me, I enjoy theorizing that the Nothing at its early stages of happening already has as a structure to itself, what could be defined as teleportation, and 2 dimensional math is a lock upon that limiting it from being possible.

But for 2 dimensional math to make it impossible, it seems also that the double sided argument could be, 2 dimensional math is limiting, because it is connected to what is not limited.

As is, one causes the other to be that way.

So add onto the list of things that remain unsolved teleportation and we have a good amount of “fun” we could have as a family trying to out riddle the great riddler we call the “Nothing”.

Creational Magic I also hold onto passionately as a topic I enjoy because these people in this family have at times been my best friends and at other times have been even to me teachers.

Learning more about what I am at deepest levels and explanations is exciting because I have (Probably you too) had many situations in my living where I felt to be missing a part of my self.

The mirror does that in a very annoying way.

I look at myself and I enjoy what I look like but its similar to being given as much as I need to get to the next time but not enough to fulfill the need of worth.

The mirror is truly a good thing however I occasionally do feel to be at distance from something that defines me as who I am.

Because I feel that way and I am guessing others do too, another topic we could entertain ourselves with is improving our self identity.

Which I believe is actually a large part of why we pursue the mysteries that we do.

It gets thrown around a lot that everyone is seeking power, but in a more honest answer, I think people would be satisfied if they were not leaned into embracing falseness in their life.

Let me give you an example.

Our Creator made discoveries, studied, and learned.

We inherited how to do that.

Now for us and our Creator, we have had times where we expected one result, and we received a result that did not fit a definition of accuracy, correctness, or truth, whether that be at the time we studied it, or some other time.

In this spacey home we have, not every study is guaranteed to be confusionless.

That is one of the most degrading parts of our pursuits.

Surprises seem fun.

Danger is not.

Confusion we recognize to be annoying.

So self identity we hold as important because whether we have put it into words yet or not, we do not enjoy confusion, it is unpleasant and dangerous.

These sayings seem like I’m being a bit extreme on description but I am considering the endless seeming amount of years our parent the Creator had to invest in becoming skilled at discerning confusion and wrong, from truth.

We as Creations are so lucky and should be so thankful to our Creator because we have had teachings but for our Creator they had to do every learning themself, and as pain and frustration go, it can be estimated it was not easy.

I have 3 names, David, Robert, and Quigley.

I get confused when I get called by my middle name.

Our Creator became a master at math, science, magic, emotion, body, and the Nothing.

Having such a lengthy progress needed for our Creator to have become so highly skilled at everything acquired is impressive yet also hints it was very difficult.

Building the pyramids was a great success for creations, it is truly our Creators teachings to younger ones as proof of successful learning.

We still have a endless future.

When people suggest their is an end to improvement, I feel disappointed that they have lost the passion of believing in endlessness.

So consider this.

When things seem to be capable of having an end to the possibility or potential.

If you can believe there is another math system, one that makes new things possible.

For example teleportation. Or even a Nothing that becomes a something, though it seems impossible.

Well maybe then we will find some sort of new math system that proves our future truly is filled with endless improvements we can make…yet still find comfort and satisfaction in the times we decide to simply enjoy what we have gained from the past efforts.

I made this post this morning, well it is a bit long but I was filled with passion because of the hard work our family invested into building the pyramids, they did a good job, Im proud of them and the other efforts and successes we have achieved too, and well, I wanted to share something inspirational. I know its a bit rambly but…

Don’t quit being passionate, you deserve it because it is one of your richest qualities, this is a good family and the excitement of your good pursuits will bring you joy and fulfillment, seemingly so too did the pyramids bring to Egypt.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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