Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

The Oldest Parents Have A Love For You

The Oldest Parents, Creator and First Creation as the explanation goes are our ancestors.

They started this family and added me and you to it.

What I am going to tell you I will try to keep short and sweet.

You yourself have a unique relationship with the Oldest Parents that no one else has the same as.

Equality is a part of things but at uniqueness it is limited.

Your relationship with these ancestors is itself one of a kind.

They love everyone but the way they love you is fit to you and them as a connection.

What you do influences and changes the relationship.

But they will always love you.

So enjoying building upon the relationship, improving it, and benefitting each other in your team.

Embrace loving family as it is a great gift the Creator desired and passed in inheritance upon to us.

Deciding being alone was not good enough and that company was desireable.

We gained that gift for free and we can appreciate its goodness.

You are a permanent part of this family and so to is the Oldest Parents love for you permanent.

Even if you feel old, you are still their child, the Creator is vastly older than us as a parent.

This though is good, it is possible to get older while still being the student to the Creator.

We here participate in our Creators story and practices.

I decided tonight was a good time to remind you…

The Oldest Parents love you.

❤ Thank You For Reading, Have A Good Monday ❤

We were alive yesterday, we are alive today, the Nothing that became a Something has not fallen apart on us…Cheers. This simple evidence is a good sign that our home of “Space” is quite sturdy.

Also dear brothers and sisters, I love you, and am thankful to be your brother.

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