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New Page (Language Learning)

At WLTOP we practice loving our family and we share content to improve ourselves and enjoy our time together.

A large amount, well, the majority of our library here on our website, is religious devotion.

That and anything worthy of love.

Passion is excitement and learning is tied to passion.

So in my pursuit to improve myself I decided a long time ago I wanted to learn a 2nd language.

I tried spanish in high school and didnt complete it.

I learned a little Tagalog (Phillipino) from some friends and enjoyed it.

Ive spent years of my life considering what 2nd language I would pursue trying to learn if I would even have the mind strength to achieve it.

So tonight I set off on an internet adventure.

My goal was to find a free language learning service where someone such as myself who is mentally disabled could learn a 2nd language.

The free service would have to be easy, gentle, fun, and yet also have the capability to actually offer benefit.

After searching for a while, researching, and trying a few services, I landed in one that I used for a while and was, well, satisfied with.

I was excited using it and already I have learned 4 Hebrew characters and how to pair as well as match them.

The free service I used offered a cartoony approach, gentle attitude, and powerful learning efficiency as a tool.

So I decided it was worthy to add it to our WLTOP Library of free content for our family to benefit from.

As such I added a new page in the menu under “Referrals” called “Free Language Learning”.

Its possible I will add additional free services to the page in the future if any seem worthy in the efficiency category because I don’t want to add anything that is possibly difficult or confusing yet I will keep the possibility open.

The free service I suggested on the new page is called “DuoLingo”.

They have a website for desktop use as well as a phone app to carry with you.

I rate their service 10/10 and am proud to have their loving teachings here at WLTOP for us to make use of in the ongoing effort to improve ourselves.

Below I will post a link to their services but you can also find them again in our menu. They are free.

Click Here To Go To

Click Here To Get The DuoLingo APP

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, Enjoy Your Day ❤

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