Fun, Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Prayer For Us (You)

I hope your having a good time during this stressful pandemic.

I figured now is as good a time as any to make a prayer for our future.

The Creator started this family and did so with a lot of good intentions.

Were getting large in numbers and it is easy to feel neglected.

So I just want to remind you that the Oldest Parents love you, and Im going to post a prayer that we have a lot of happiness in this family that is so unique and full of hope.

Dear Oldest Parents (Creator and First Creation),

We love stories about you,

It is easy to know we adore you,

There are churches upon churches,

As well as many different religions and beliefs,

What stays true in all of them,

Is goodness, hope, and love,

So we, your descendants remind you that we love you, and we ask that you help us have a pleasant future,

With less stress, and more happy times,

Thank you for the medicines and the foods,

Thank you for providing us with homes,

Thank you for marriage,

Thank you for life,

Everyone of us wants to have a connection with you that is full of love and kindness,

Your family is awesome and you are to thank for it,

For all that time you were alone Creator,

You now have us and we have you,

This opportunity for friendship is beautiful and brings us joy,

Your descendants appreciate what you have given,

As believers, it is common, that we have hope you will notice how much you are our joy,

Thank you for everything, and have a great day

❤ Thanks For Reading Siblings, Much Love, Have A Great Week ❤

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