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Who Is El? Update

First things first, I apologize I have not made any new supportive posts in a long time as well as added any new content.

Ive been managing a lot of illness and havent been ready to add anything for a while.

However tonight I was inspired by ancient history to try and do something nice for our worldwide family.

I added a new page to our club site in the menu under “Worship”.

It is called “Remembering El”.

Who is El?

Throughout history, especially old history the name El has been used both as the name of the Creator and also as a word to explain and define any Creator.

So to the ancients El was the Creator but El was also a word for God or Deity.

Currently their isnt a large library full of content on the new page but there is a nice desktop background artwork and some history lesson involving El.

El in history was very popular however to my notice as of recent times El has become lesser known so it was my effort in making the new page to help us keep record of our ancestor and the word El.

It is possible you have heard the words Elohim or El Shaddai, these are hebrew words used to refer to our LORD, kind of his nicknames.

I do hope to add more to this new page in the future but for now it has a spot in our ancestor appreciation club with enough content to do it honors.

I hope your all having a great week, I will try to post more soon.

❤ Thanks for reading, much love ❤

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