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Adding A New Partner (Update)

In our menu you can now find a new partner to WLTOP, “Forever Gifts”,

We are suggesting them to you for the sake of worship and blessing benefits and we do not benefit financially from any products you buy from them (as with all our suggestions).

Forever Gifts offers high quality custom engraved rings at the lowest prices for material we could find in our online searches.

As their are a few large pictures and content, I will only post a sneek preview of the new page here and will redirect you to access our menu and find “Forever Gifts” under “Partners” to view all the new content.

Here is the example ring I used on the new page and also I am considering buying this exact one with an inscription on the inside and outside saying “We Love The Oldest Parents” with a heart at beginning and end.

To put Forever Gifts prices in comparison perspective for you, this custom ring is $17, while most other online providers I found were in the price range of $100.

You can choose the message you want on your ring so you can make a worship or blessing charm this way.

I hope you enjoy the new page, I also found a website that will inscribe a ring with the Jewish language ranging from $80-$90. I am considering adding it to our library as worldwide, Christianity and Judaism are the popular religion, I will consider our website library and menus space and layout to see if this secondary partner will fit.

I havent started designing the WLTOP Rainbow Heart logo or page much yet, expect it sooner than later.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and good luck on your charm.

❤ Much Love ❤

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