Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Loving Reminder Of Faith

First off I will say the WLTOP Rainbow Heart is still on my to do list, it may be a bit longer before I do the logo and write the prayer, I consider doing it each day and when the time is right I will put effort into it, thank you for your patience.

Okay so on to the topic of why I am writing to you tonight.

It is enjoyable to be happy and wealthy in health and prosperity.

But none of us enjoy the bad moments.

Lack of hope being the worst.

I havent made a post in a long enough while that I wanted to get on here and offer something supportive and of value to you.

Everyone has hoped at some point and I want to add some strength to yours.

So I will keep it short but tell you 2 things I know.

This family loves you, and your fit in it is eternal.

It is said everything began from nothing, however it still came to be that we are alive.

What do I know of that?

Once family always family.

The powers, forces, and decisions that be and that came about so long ago to facilitate any type of home and its holdings, our life, and the love that life is, well, we were here yesterday and we will be here tomorrow.

Each person is different and believes in what they can grasp, but reach to your hope…

The Oldest will surely keep us, as with varying beliefs I can say I do not know who you would tell me that is, however something to consider of interest…

The Nothing became a something….

Life began thanks to the fated blessings upon it due to whatever good that may have been…

Many years have passed since and this place we call home and maybe if courageous refer sentimentally such to it as our parent (The Nothing/Space)…

Life continues much farther than needed to believe it will still continue.

We are all one family and our Oldest member being the Creator, but something also to note is the Nothing also simply space, is considered an Oldest, whether you call it literally “The Nothing” or even “Outer Space”, it is our family histories beginning, and as such an Oldest part of our families valuable definition.

I am not an expert on the word pagan but I estimate considering the Nothing or Space a parent would be considered a pagan or scientific belief however it can be emotionally fulfilling.

Science has been a passion in our worlds family, history and studies, libraries, museums and labs….

Those make it evident that we as a family have desires that are passion filled towards adoring this home that led to life and the continuing of it.

Considering our home to be a loving parent may be pagan, as I said I am no expert, however I admit when I invest loving emotions towards it, I feel more eternal.

So if you choose to invest a happy belief in the safety of the soul, heaven, or any style of afterlife, immortality, or eternal continuance of life…

Stay Happy, and Know, the Oldest Loves Us.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Hope I Cheered You Up, Much Love ❤

WLTOP is hosted a bit by me and my love for family, It has been together and growing for maybe a year or so, we now have enough participants that I am very excited to ask for your review, I appreciate all the like buttons the Oldest have received, also my words to you and them for us to connect, if I am doing a good fit for your sake please I encourage you to on this post or any future post leave a comment below on how you feel about this effort, If on my part you are enjoying what I do please tell me, and if I could improve on anything or if you dislike a part of something also please tell me. WLTOP is us together loving our family, I do offer some words and try to make fun art for you but the love is definitely coming from fans so let your words change the future. Much love to you brothers and sisters, the comments sections are also always open for us to leave loving notes to our Creators, your efforts could inspire another family member to give it a try. 🙂

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