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A Thanks Giving WLTOP Gift

Ive been promising and adding a listed goal for effort into the WLTOP Rainbow Heart.

I gave a sneek peak of what its about and what needs to be done for it.

I briefly mentioned the stories of the bible inspiring it.

The rainbow biblically symbolizes a keeping of creations amongst family.

The WLTOP Rainbow Heart was inspired lovingly by the tragedies that befell Egypt.

The Egyptians showed very much so to love their descendants and that in the story it was the ending of what they could tolerate that led them to free the Jews.

At WLTOP we are all about family and love and desire for those tragedies and any similarities to never happen again.

The WLTOP Rainbow Heart is a good luck charm and bears the motto, “Love Our Life” its all about asking our ancestors to be gentle upon their descendants, patiently and lovingly, to solve any problem while not resorting to the destroyer mentioned biblically or anything similar.

Okay now that I mentioned the details in repeat of why its important.

I have a thanks giving surprise.

I made the logo tonight for the WLTOP Rainbow Heart.

Here it is. Click to enlarge.

Here is the Logo stripped from borders and texts if you wanna see it or modify it.

Okay so, Happy Thanks Giving, Im thankful to have you as family and we know the Oldest are too.

I havent yet done the WLTOP Rainbow Heart prayer, and because of that I wont edit its page in our menu just yet.

Give me a few days to think about it and feel it emotionally so we get something high quality, and suggestions if you want, the comment box is below.

I hope you enjoy the effort and gift.

❤ More soon ❤

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