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A Fun New Page (Update)

I have been considering this idea for a long time.

I was trying to build the courage to offer it.

Tonight I finally felt comfortable to add the new page of nickname ideas for our Oldest Parent.

What I mean is, I comprehend our Creator names each Creation.

I appreciate that, and wanted to share, so after studying the connected idea I made a list offering of nicknames for our Creator based on a language translatable description.

The new page will be under construction for changes but feel free to like, give your comments, suggestions, or any help you want.

You can find the new page in the menu under Worship and it is called “A Memorable Identity”.

This religious offering is mostly cheer, because the theory is that our Creator long ago considered the same idea and I do not know much of that history but I estimate since our Creator has lived many years and is smart the thought was already considered.

I will give a short description of the new pages nickname list.

Our Creator had no name and invented names.

Each language has words to describe having no name.

Such as in english “No Name”.

If we take the translation for “No Name” in a language and put the symbols together to form a singular string, it creates a name, giving a translatable identity in each language to describe our Creator and their living history.

In English “No Name” becomes “Noname”, and in Greek “No Name” becomes “Chorisonoma”.

This style of identity gives each language a valuable amount of fullness.

Its meant to be for remembrance, memory, focus, and sentimental.

I hope you will take a peek at the new page, I admit its about a 5-15 minute read but I think its a lot of fun.

❤ Have a great time, Much Love ❤

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