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Natural Healing Page (Update)

I found a loving emotion towards my research of El, whom the ancient Canaanites worshipped knowingly as the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

In honor of our ancestors, and as honor for our whole family also, I decided to share a fun new method of natural healing on the page in our menu, there’s a disclaimer on it and I will put one here.

(The Natural Healing page is a freedom to religion effort, it is not doctor based and doctors are available to you for consultation, if you choose that).

I added to the page a bit of a history lesson with some explanation of whom El and the Canaanites are and also attempted to show that the Canaanite religion is old, Judaism came from it, and then Christianity came from Judaism.

Interesting you yet? 🙂

I will direct you to our menu, there is a link titled “Natural Healing”.

It is currently small in list but I want to add more successful efforts in the future, so yes it is slightly under construction still.

You can find the new info on that page and I will copy paste the snippet here to below for you to read.

“hELlo Creator, Shinedown”

Worship has been a source of fascination in seeking of healing.

For this healing exercise we look to the ancient Canaanites.

They worshipped El as the known name of the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

While everyone is entitled to any and every good freedom, what I can tell you, is that the Canaanites were known to be a loving people of family, as their faith became what is now today connected as Judaism, and thereby that connected to Christianity.

I will give an example of how seeking healing in form of worship and prayer through an ancient name for our Creator can be efficient.

Worship: Singing and or saying, with your mind, “We love and worship El”.

Prayer: “Dear El Creator of Heaven and Earth (Insert your request here)”.

As for a Canaanite history reference tied to Judaism and Christianity, what is referred to as Genesis is actually a history lesson that earlier than that was translated more literally
“In the beginning, El created Heaven and Earth”.

That verse is a basically direct translation of the ancient Canaanites beliefs, whom the Jews and Christians adopted pieces of their religion from
(Such as the comprehension of a Heaven and Earth as definitions).

❤ Thats all I’ve got for now,
🙂 hoping to have more fun stuff to offer to you soon, 🙂
Much Love ❤

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