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Free Holiday Art (Edit-Updated)

(Updated see bottom)
I woke up early tonight and my schitzophrenia got me to thinking, how about trying to make some art for the holiday season.

I made a mirror image style from a screenshot of a video game that I manipulated into the resulting image.

I also took a christmas light street picture, manipulated it and turned it into a kaleidoscope that has a nice silver tinsel zoomin.

Anyways, happy holidays, here is the art, click the picture to enlarge it.

The 2 zoomins with santa hats and non santa hats are cartoon characters, fit for the holiday season as you can see.

Also there is the full kaleidoscope art that I tried to make a size that can fit your phone, and or be rotated to fit your PC.

The kaleidoscope to me does well in its church and or temple colors, since this is a holiday month.

If you wanna estimate who the 2 cartoon characters are feel free and enjoy.

I hope you like the art.

(Spoiler Below)






The santa hat character with the pinkish reddish lines giving appearance of a larger top portion of the skull represents the LORD (Yodh He Waw He).

The silver tinsel character if you view his non santa picture he is wearing a old fashioned priest cap, which the santa hat then hides. That cartoon represent Jesus.

Now I know these are what could be called abstract arts or seem possibly a bit messy in detail instead of similar to a cameras realistic photo, however this is a unique art style meant to explain a story and be entertaining to the viewers visual senses and their mind, like a puzzle, giving their eyes time and effort allowance to solve a visual puzzle, that we could also comprehend as “Cluttered”.

Fun Fact.
The silver tinsel character was pulled out and seperated from the full kaleidoscope picture also available above. I took a street picture with christmas lights, changed the lighting, colors, offsets and spheres slightly, then I popped it into the kaleidoscope program and the resulting kaleidoscope and its zoomin tinsel character became available.

In short words, this art is advanced geometry.

❤ Thanks for reading, much love, happy holidays ❤

🙂 I promised to give the family some kind words here on Christmas, if my memory allows it, I will keep true to that, expect to find something nice said about you 🙂

To give you a comprehensibility of how the art changes, here is the original christmas light street photo I used, I manipulated it slightly, and then kaleidoscoped it.
(Fair Use, and Parody)

(2nd Update)
I forgot to mention, this style of geometry art can be simple or confusing.

So in an attempt to simplify it, I recorded making some, I apologize for poor quality of the recording, it was done on a smart phone as the tools to do it are phone compatible. (Image Editor) being my choice for easiest way to make them.

View the DIY Videos at our channel, Click Here To Go To Our YouTube Channel

(3rd Update)

I noticed but forgot to mention, the golden skull was made from angelic style video game characters fashioned together from editing. It is meant to look like gold melted to form what could be considered an “Idol” face for our ancestor. It is not meant to be morbid instead symbolizes a ancient cultural practice that metals melted together were believed to last from weathering and be perfect condition for long times. So even though its a smiley face skull, its history is more of a longevity concept than a shortened concept. No offenses meant, again, hope you enjoyed the art.

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