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The El And Athirat Family Tree

Tonight I was cheerful and still excited to learn more about Canaan.

To the Canaanites, El was the Creator of Heaven and Earth, that led to Judaism, and Judaism led to Christianity.

Athirat was the wife of El and supposedly, first living Creation of his.

Athirat’s name as it expanded from Canaan to Judaism became more widely known as “Asherah”.

One of their early childrens names was Baal which in Hebrew means “Lord”.

It is expected he filled the duty of leading a large group of the extended descendants as their ancestor, and the Jews worshipped him and El, also Athirat, by the nickname.

These learnings excited me.

Christianity was a passion of mine as a youth, and so were the stories of Heaven and Earth.

Looking back through history to see the starting’s of the religions grouping has been fun.

In my passionate emotion of love for our family, I got up the energy to make some art for our entertainment.

Here it is below, the Canaanite religion family tree. Click To Enlarge.

I think it’s a pretty art and fulfilling.

If I learn any new important or interesting details to this ancient religion, I will make effort to share them with you so we can have fun together.

Happy Holidays Month.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

I will post the Canaanite family tree on our DeviantArt and Pinterest.

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