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The First Mother

🙂 Merry Christmas Eve 🙂

I have a little bit promised a nice greeting here on WLTOP for Christmas, but its Christmas Eve and I think we can double up with 2 posts, one today and one tomorrow.

Since its called Christmas Eve and in the bible Eve was called the Mother of our family, I just want to take some time to offer some kind words about the women in our family and the first Mother.

As most religions structure, the Creator is our Father, and his first Creation and Wife is our families first and Oldest Mother.

Some refer to this as a God and Goddess structure.

I expect you know the basics and probably some fun extra information about it.

I want to offer thanks and prayer with you on this Christmas Eve.

Thank you first Mother, thank you to her Daughters, and thank you to any that will be created in our future together.

Your leadings and friendships with us is truly pleasant and appreciated.

Wishing you a awesome Christmas.

I am thinking a prayer for these Mothers sake fits with the title of Eve in this pre-Christmas day.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Firstly, Thank you for the good you have done for us and yourselves.

We look for your guidance in times of hope, and your approval in times of our success,

With you, we have a passion of role modelism, seeking to be similar to your good qualities,

It is noticeable how much a mother obtains your teachings and utilizes them to give a good living,

We pray for your continued love and also for your joy,

Christmas is tomorrow, and we are thankful for the love we share as a family,

You supplied us with that great gift and how we can recognize such emotion,

The things you have invented and inherited to us are both smart and kind,

We thank you Oldest Parents with our emotions connected to friendship,

Cheers to your family and marriage.

❤ Merry Christmas Eve, Hope You Liked The Post, Expect A Nice One Tomorrow ❤

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