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Our Christmas Family

🙂 Merry Christmas 🙂

On this holiday we are thankful for family and we exchange gifts.

We appreciate nature and practice nurture.

Being together with our loved ones and doing what we can to enjoy the good attitude this day brings.

Maybe your someone who celebrates Christmas, or possibly another holiday near this time.

The message I want to give you is a reminder.

The Oldest Parents love us and they know we love them.

Once family always family.

Eternal life whether you believe in an afterlife, circle of life, rebirth, reincarnation, or any continuance.

You are a miracle, it is good.

Those kind words I much enjoyed to share with you and as a last bit to our WLTOP Christmas message of support I will post a poem.

“Our Christmas Family”

For every tear you have cried, remember you are true,

For every fear you have broken, remember you are new,

For every time you have spoken, remember it is you,

For every treasure you have tried, remember me too,

With time came life, and life became family,

What once fit for one, now fits you too,

Remember on Christmas, The Oldest Parents love, yes, you.

Thank you Lord, thank you our Governments, thank you our Farmers, and Churches, thanks be to each and everyone whom does good deeds.

❤ I hope your Christmas time is fun and peaceful,
Thanks for reading,
Much Love ❤

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