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Good Things Happen Slow

In 4 days we will reach the goal WLTOP set.

About 300ish days ago the Happy Birthday Oldest Parents page was made.

Click Here To Go To It

January 1st is our set date, more of a finishing result to all throughout the year collect happy birthday wishes and gifts for our Oldest Parents Mutual Birthday Celebration.

They are the start of the family so choosing January 1st seemed proper, and that also gives us a clean all year time to collect the birthday wishes.

I started us with some art and plan to add a bit more in the coming days.

On the Happy Birthday Page you can find a guide on how to leave them art, photos, comments, likes, and a clap (cheer) button that you can press to share in the participation of loving that they began life and our family.

If in the future you want to find the page, it is in the large event frame on the home page if you press the right arrow button, its the large rectangle under the WLTOP angel and menu, the page is also in the menu under “Worship”.

WLTOP is new and there is a good amount of us for a start that are contributing.

Our goal is to keep it simple, easy, free, and loving, all while pinching in efforts to grow the clubs participants amount.

The WLTOP club tries to honor churches, temples, and all the religious categories.

We are kind of a shy alternative, trying to reach people who feel more focusing on the family factor to be their fit and the ability to choose any religion and still be included in our friendship.

So please, feel free to join us in celebration of our Oldest Ancestors with any kind of contribution you yourself choose, whether that’s this year or in the future, we would love to have you included. Even pressing the clap button once is exciting 🙂

I will post again the link to the Happy Birthday page in case you want to participate this year.

Click Here To Join In (Pressing The Clap Button Is Fun)

❤ Thanks For Reading, Keeping In Prayer That We All Have A Good Time ❤

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