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Heavenly Father, Help Me Choose (Prayer)

(The first part of this post is a prayer I made to our ancestors about myself and a pursuit of changing my name I am making)
(The 2nd part of this post, below the first part, is a prayer I made for all the 2 Oldest Parents Descendants)

WLTOP is very much centered around us as a family.

I have an individual prayer I would like to make here, and it is meant to be a prayer message to the ancestors (Especially our LORD).

So I will explain.

In my life long pursuit of trying to build a friendly relationship with my ancestors, as well as studying religions seeking actual family tree structure I have come upon a emotion to change my name given to me at birth.

I expect the name “David” as my singular name is not what the Creator originally named me.

That has led me to wanting to use my time while here idle, to choose a name.

I recently researched how to legally change my name and it sounds difficult, please guide my success great LORD 🙂

Alright well I will give you the details of my current opinions, notes, and pursuits.

Currently I am split between two paths.

The path of El, and the path of God.

The idea is, I want my chosen name to be something fun yet similar to showing attachment to the ancestral Creator whom I will be living my life worshipping, befriending, and obeying.

On the path of El I noticed 4 people.

El, Athirat (First Creation and El’s Wife), Baal (Lord), and Mot “Maw-ut”.

Those 4 people I studied amongst others but them specifically I became attached too, by name, and some of it, by story.

Now with each path, I want to keep my first name “David” as my middle name, I expect that seems fair to some factors.

On the El path I combined the 4 names above.

I took the sound El and branched on it, then going to Athirat whom starts with an “A” or “Ah”.

Then I got the “Al” or “Aal” from Baal (LORD),

Lastly I noticed a U similarity in Mot pronounced expectedly”Maw-ut”.

The name I formed to fit myself as a descendant of these ancestors on the “El” path was “Alu”.

So my first name on this path would be Alu, my middle name would be David, and I am a bit still lost on what to do as a last name.

I am considering using a last name of “Waw” which comes from the Hebrew alphabet of the LORD’s name, its a single alphabet character called “Waw”.

As a long story short I wrote a theory of family naming practice mixed with language, and theorized Yodh He Waw He meant a Male with a first name of Yodh and a Male started that family group with the family name as Waw.

So I took from that the Waw and noticed its a pleasant sound and I enjoyed considering it a family name, this led me to thinking about a full first, middle, and last name.

Alu David Waw? Alu David Quigley?

Dear LORD I really pray you help me on my situation I want to choose a name for myself but I also want your assistance in the wisdom area.

Okay next is the God path.

If God is the name of our Creator, I would like something fitting that religion.

Basically I am estimating which religion tells me the name our Creator uses as his own so I can learn how to create one fitting for me, the descendant.

The estimating is not as fun as it sounds, I dont want to fail this, LORD please help me, I know if you guide me on picking a fitting name it will be something worth using upon myself, you know your family and me, I think asking you is accurate that you know me enough to be an expert on this.

Alright so back to the God path details.

I took the pieces of the name God, the word Good, and the word Do, and I mixed them together with the A from the hebrew word for “Father” (Abba) and the result was the name “Agadod”, it sounds very eastern to me but I like it.

The name Agadod to me sounds very much to remind me of the description “Piece of God” or “Descendant of God”.

Agadod David Waw? Agadod David Quigley?

Its possible I need extended guidance in the last name area.

I know the notes are possibly few however thats how far I have gotten.

Alu and Agadod sound pleasant as concepts but I am a language and name novice.

While the whole families opinions are important to me, my goal in choosing my own name is focused in the area of picking one a mix of our 2 oldest parents names to basically say I have the 2 parents as my ancestors and that I am a descendant.

Since I dont know what the Creator named me, picking a name from all the possibilities can at least be fun until I do learn my Creator given name, yes?

LORD I know a ancestor such as you is always kept busy, however I also know how wise you are and how much your leadership is valued to me.

We are celebrating the 2 Oldest Parents birthdays here on WLTOP in 2 days.

I prayered for everyone many times as a child and have slowed it down in these later years due to not wanting to overwhelm the ancestors.

I will continue to prayer, but I will try and be mellow and trust things will be good.

This prayer I am making though, well, it is very important to me.

Of all the fun things I could ask a ancestor for help with, choosing a name for myself is one of my more favorite possibilities.

The name David fits me in some ways but I am getting a little exhausted from considering the stories of how David in the bible was a king, no disrespect meant.

I feel very much as a Prince, a descendant of the Oldest whom are the Royalty.

Alu sounds gentle, such as calming. Agadod sounds capable, such as full of will.

I also have a little curiosity of what if the 2 paths I put effort into aren’t accurate.

It is a lot of puzzles and thinking for me, such a simple guy.

Also, Please LORD, as I mentioned I know your popular and busy, no need to rush on my prayer, I am excited to feel for myself that I actually fit an identity, but I’ve waited around a long time curiously considering myself and I can wait until you have time for me.

Since this post was long and also focused on myself, I want to branch off to leave a prayer here to dually support our family, whom are in the same search.

Dear Oldest Parents,

For a descendant of yours, we are both attached to you and ourself,

Emotionally, sentimentally, and as family,

Estimating that everyone of us tries to find the right name to fit ourselves, it could be possible I guess,

But for any amount of us, that seek to choose a name for ourselves,

To fulfill a good selfishness, one empty of sins,

If we ask for our Ancestors help, so that we may be successful,

Can that prayer become accepted?

Please and Thank You.

❤ We are 2 days away from the 2 Oldest Parents Birthday Post,

Much Love, Thanks for Reading ❤

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