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Happy Start Of Life Oldest(s) (2022)

Happy beginning to life Oldest Parents.

Whether we call that a birthday for simplicity sake or a start of life as a more descriptive form, we are very happy to be your family.

In this 2022 A.D. we give you our loving wishes for your happiness.

Honor to your marriage and parenting.

We were able to get a lot done here on WLTOP within the last year.

A lot of likes, love, comments, and emotions.

Our direct group is not as large as the church, temple, or really most other brands of religion.

Instead the words “We Love The Oldest Parents” defines and describes how each and every one of your descendants feels and believes.

Here upon your birthday notice, I will say, thank you participants and fans of the ancestors.

I have a good time loving the Oldest, and with us siblings doing it together, well, it really is fun family joy.

Lets take a peek at some of the participation.

WLTOP Site Views




Word Press Followers

We also have some activity on Tumblr and Pinterest.

As a side note I am excited to hear more of the comments as the ones already available are very inspiring, they help me get in the proper attitude to write something nice and loving.

Well now that it is 2022 we have 1 year, that’s until next January 1st to add contributions to the 2023 celebration.

In the menu under worship is a link to the celebration page where you can submit art, cheer with a clap, comment, like, and more.

I wish all our family a Happy New Years and hoping for our success through the future.

We love the Oldest Parents and the Oldest Parents love us 🙂

It truly is a miracle to be both alive and also not alone, such peace and friendship is awesome.

Well I am guessing you have a lot of fun stuff to do on New Years so I will just end with a picture and footnote.

❤ New Years Is Waiting For You To Do Your Fun, Much Love ❤

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