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Natural Healing Updated Again

Do you have time to read a 5 minute long update that supports you living healthy and happy?

In the Natural Healing page, I added a Pro Vegan also Pro Healing diet and I think you will enjoy the topic.

It refers to the Bible and Tanakh’s Genesis and includes all the details you need to comprehend the why, how, and what of the topic.

Since the update on the natural healing page is estimated to be such a help, I will post it below for you to read in the case you don’t want to go find it on the natural healing page currently.

Here is the update, enjoy.

“Peel A Treat, Lacking Meat”

This exercise is a vegan practice with origins dating back to the healthy past of our ancestors.

A healthy body can be noticed as a mixture of proper relationship with the Creator and also a proper diet.

It is common knowledge that eating fruits and vegetables is good for health of the body.

Lets focus on a few key ideas that structure the “Peel a Treat, Lacking Meat”.

In the Vegan attitude, meat does not give health when eaten, instead it leads to difficulty in digestion and bodily distribution.

That is why for example in Genesis 1:29 we find instruction that our Creator taught us to eat plants (Such as fruits and vegetables).

Another area of importance is that when eating fruits and vegetables, fire cooking can make pleasant taste, but in moderation, because cooking reduces the medicinal quality. It changes a fresh fruit, vegetable, or grain, basically into more of a passive help to the body.

Now that we talked about the basics let’s get to the main purpose for the title “Peel a Treat, Lacking Meat”.

Fruits will be an example. The peelings (Also known as skins) of fruits contain medicine inside them. Lets compare, limes, lemons, oranges, and watermelons.

On a intensity scale, limes are the most spicy of a nature medicine, next on the scale is lemons, and then oranges being of the 3, the most gentle of acidity and healing.

The taste you get when you eat 1 of these 3 fruits explains to your body the medicine contained in what you are eating.

Since the lime and its peeling is the spiciest and most intense, we can estimate, it gives health to the body in a large way, and fast. Oranges are gentler and that tells us it is a medicine that helps us but is estimated to be used for ease instead of intensity.

Then there is the watermelon, it is much larger than limes, lemons, and oranges, but its peel is very thick and so too is its pulp. Watermelons are good for feeding 2 or more people, where as a lime for example, is good for feeding 1 person.

Now your possibly curious, what is the proper method to gain most from this?

How To Try “Fresh” Health For A Full Day

To properly heal your body using fruits and vegetables as medicine, you want to be on a “fresh” start.

Plan a day and expect to only eat fruits and or vegetables all day, if you want to cook some, try and do at maximum half of your eating for the day cooked, the other half raw.

At the start of the plan you will want to wake up, and wait to eat until after you have had your morning bowel movement, that should remove most of the meat from your body, which is important, because if you mix meat and healthy vegan food inside your body, then the healing capability of the vegan food is crippled.

Once you have cleared yourself of the yesterdays meat(s), the plan is to all day eat fruits and or vegetables.

Since its called “Peel a Treat, Lacking Meat” try to remember, the peel of the food has a large concentration of medicine in it, so you will want to chew it up in small bites and eat it.

For people whom normally eat a lot of meat this practice will possibly be a bit difficult early into trying it, because the mouth, taste buds, and other areas of the body are so trained upon digesting things like bread made with eggs.

The more you eat healthy, the easier it will become.

If you try this Vegan diet for a full day and notice feeling any healthier, you can surely do it more than for 1 day.

If you fall back into eating meat, remember the day you ate healthy, and you can return to the practice at your will.

If you like this diet remember a few key notes.

Key Notes

Genesis 1:29 is our Creators teaching of these things (simplified).

Mixing meat with food cripples the medicine in the food.

The peel of the fruits and vegetables is an area of the richest healing available in the food, chew it up in small bites and eat it.

Cooking fruits or vegetables lowers the capability of the medicine in the fruits and vegetables, its okay to have some occasionally, but fresh should be the majority.

It is very common for breads to be made with chicken eggs, check your breads ingredients if it doesn’t say vegan on it. Even cooked chicken eggs in your bread can cause the healing from the vegan food to be crippled. On this diet, avoid those breads, some breads are vegan and can be used with this diet.

If you got excited by the story of God, Jesus, and the Tree of Life, be inspired by that story, and enjoy this diet, and remember, the Oldest Parents love you.

❤ Thanks For Reading,
I Hope You Will Try A Day Of This Diet ❤

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