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Bible Revision Page (Update)

The Bible Revision page was messy, I cleaned up and organized it for easier reading.

Also I changed sentence structures and fixed some typos.

I estimate it will be a much more pleasant read now.

If you want to see the large number of edits done to it, you can view “The Bible Revision” page in the menu under “WLTOP?”.

If you haven’t read it yet I will give you an intro.

It’s a page that talks about how people came into claiming Jesus and God were the same person.

It also gives a talk about how God forbid the tree of life in Genesis and has evidence Jesus cannot offer it in the book of revelations authoritively as only God can unforbid it.

Keynote is, the book of Revelations was written based upon a dream a man had, in Jesuses actual records of life, he never offered the tree of life, which God forbid.

If this topic interests, you I hope you’ll find the page in the menu and give it a read.

❤ Have A Great Week, Much Love ❤

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