Fun, Our Deviant Art, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Free Cell Phone Desktop Art

First off this is the 2nd post I am making this morning.

If you want to hear something to cheer you up, take a peek at the last post.

As additional friendliness, I made a nice new Cell Phone Desktop Background.

It could also be rotated to fit a desktop or tablet I estimate.

Here it is, I hope you enjoy the gift, find more like these and our other art on our deviant art profile, link is in the menu and as the deviant art button under the WLTOP angel logo at the top of the site.

Click Here To See All Of The WLTOP Art On Deviant Art

As a special reminder, the Creator is the King of Heaven and Earth, and the First Creation our other Oldest Parent, Queen.

That makes us Princes and Princesses.

Here is some art for you to remember that and embrace it, cheers.

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