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Improvers Good Deed Doers

Disclaimer: (Freedom To Religion And Speech)
(This post is here to be supportive and beneficial, as with anything on WLTOP)

There are 2 Oldest improvements practiced in our family, as early as the beginning days of our Creator, the Oldest Parent.

When our Creator was still alone, having not yet invented Creational Magic, there was still things to be done, and life to live.

Our Creator Improved themself, and also the Nothing that became our Something.

Maybe you know of it as Space, or something similar.

However, for our Creator, when happy emotion became known, this place felt much more like a Home.

But in those ancient days, our Creator enjoyed self-improvement, and turning this Something, once a Nothing, into a Home.

The Nothing had changed from its beginning to produces materials, and our Oldest began to use what was found and made, for pleasant purposes.

Inherited to us Creations was the passion to do good deeds for the many we Love.

Also, to improve the Home that was once a Nothing, and due to change, brought forth many resources, and even, miraculously, our Creators start to life, then through him, our own.

I am writing this post with a purpose.

I felt a desire to cheer up anyone emotionally exhausted.

These above learnings are valuable family self-esteem building blocks.

For you, for me, for anyone in our family, there is another important keepsake of focus and mind here to be held onto.

Our family has a history as long as the start of life to be improvers.

It can even be emotional to consider our life’s home as self-improving, evidenced that our Creator began life in it.

I want to tell you, for every good deed you do, you are improving the life in our family, and a Home that is even older than our Creator.

First there was Nothing, Nothing became Something, Our Creator began, Our Creator Created us, history is as it is.

Based on that religious record, we can say our Spacey Home, has been loved by each and every good deed we do, as family.

The Creator, wise, knowledgeable, intelligent, and loving, practiced many things earlier than us Creations, and we inherited the will to do the practices that were found to be successful.

When our Creator notices you doing something that improves a life, or the place life lives, we can sympathetically evidence, love is felt.

Our Creator was pleased to improve.

The desires of self can very much be good.

Often Greed is degraded, and for the sake of Good, however, still hold onto the selfish desires that are Good.

A life improving itself is a Good selfishness, it is done lovingly.

A life improving the family’s home, is a Good selfishness, even expanded to benefit other selfs.

The difference in words between good and bad selfishness can be noticed as, Greed is degradable, but improvement is an honest passion.

The Old expression, “We don’t need more now than we can bring”, explains that Gain is Good, and Greed leads to exhaustion.

It is emotionally important you allow yourself to Gain.

So for this week I am giving you this message.

“You are Good, The Oldest Parents Love You, You Should Want to Gain, You Love.”

Those focuses will surely bandage some sorrows.

Know that the Oldest Parents, being improvers themselves, always protect our family’s ability to pleasantly participate in Gain.

They gave us a land to hold our makings, as well as to rest upon.

They gave us safety from loss by ensuring that we live eternally, death being a part of teaching and also itself, being rather much an illusion, you continue in this family past that illusion, all the while your part in this family being more valuable than not being a part of it.

The Creator loves you and will not lose you by mistake.

If you have felt exhausted, or miserable, take a feeling of Gain.

Allow yourself the freedom to improve, and don’t feel bad about it.

Religion is Good, and is meant to help.

If the teachings about Greed hindered you from living comfortably, know that our Creator practices Gain and improves with it, you are his family, and he wants your help to improve the family and its home.

I am giving you this message with a past history myself that I will share with you.

I grew up on Church and Christianity.

A Good group.

But I was always intimidated by consideration of “What if I am accidentally doing the wrong side of the practices”.

To put it simply, I was scared I would become, or already was, “Greedy”.

I have more recently been calmed of that fear and I wanted to benefit any of you who in the past have also been afraid of becoming Greedy.

What helped me is recognizing our Creators passions for Gain and Improvement are reasons why I was even Created.

I noticed how our Creator loved those passions, and I then realized I would not be punished for Gaining Goodly, instead, if it also benefited others, I would be thanked.

I will end this support with a last message.

❤ 🙂 We are all family,
the good you do benefits all of us,
even selfish goods. 🙂 ❤

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