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Thanking Technology (Also To-Do’s)

As I sit around and play my video game and listen to the radio, both at the same time on my smart phone, it comes to mind that since I so enjoy this, giving thanks, where thanks is due, feels good.

Video Games help me study math, strategy, art, music, and connect with friends.

The Radio is especially helpful in keeping me calm through the difficulties of my schizophrenia, it brings me a gentle and peaceful atttitude, I very much benefit from it, as do my loved ones.

The tools available with technology such as image design allowed me to bring forth pleasant art to share, and with that, fun family bonding.

So to our ancestors, to the siblings, to anyone who contributed and or contributes to us having these “Toys”, I thank you very much and say with love.

Also, I have a few things planned to update with WLTOP.

An edit to the art style page to make it simpler and more efficient.

Timestamps in our audiobook recordings on our YouTube channel (These allow a user to select what chapter they want to listen to in something like a 4 hour or longer audio).

New audio books recordings to our YouTube channel (An example is Im hoping to get a free to use and share copy of the Taoism “Tao Te Ching” book).

I would like to take our Milestone Achievement page, and seperate it into sub pages such as “Facebook Likes”, Deviant Art Watchers, WordPress Followers, etc. The reason for this being that currently the page has many categories which are already a long list and if we add new art to it every so often it will become too condensed to be efficient, making a sub page for each topic should fix that.

I know I need to add more prayer backgrounds for the less populated religions and I am a little excited to do so but this may be in the later area of this lists timing.

Thats about all ive got thoughten up to this point, that list is plenty long to fill a month or so because even the audio book recordings timestamps could possibly take a very long time, if with the audio book recording I have to listen to a 4 hour video for example and stop it occasionally to mark new chapters that could take up a whole days free time for just 1 audio book recording, and to add new audio book recordings, based on the tools and such I can freely use, I estimate I can add 1-2 new audio books a day.

With this expected to be somewhat of a monthish plan I will also be inserting prayers, appreciation, love, and support, also expectedly, some gift art.

The good news about all that is our club wont be stale.

Alright I will let you get back to the other funs of your day and or night.

❤ Thanks Parents, Thanks Siblings, Much Love ❤

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