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A Short Note On A Fix

The website software WLTOP uses is called WordPress.

On our Oldest Parents birthday celebration page, since the gathering of cheer for them was fullfilled January 1st of 2022 the countdown timer until the next years gathering of cheer for them needed to be reset.

If you visited the page recently you may have noticed a blank countdown timer.

I updated the page with a new countdown timer and it is working.

I would like the ability to set a recurring countdown timer that resets every January 1st but as for now, I have to manually reset it.

Its great and all but I have a bit of distractibility potential 🙂

I will try to remember to update a new countdown timer more hastily next year.

In our last post I mentioned we now have a audio book recording of the Taoism’s book the “Tao Te Ching”, also were up to 12 YouTube subscribers thanks to yesterday adding a new subscriber.

In the last post if you heard, I am currently in the process of making the Islamic book “The Koran (Quran)” audio recording available, that is our next audio book recording to be added to our YouTube Channel.

The step in the process I am on is making the video in ClipChamp (Video Editing Software), it is designed, but is now rendering.

ClipChamp estimates 18 more hours of rendering and then I am expecting an additional 5-12 hours on YouTube of processing the Upload.

Guessing the Koran’s audo book recording will be available to us tomorrow, is hopeful, yet not easily guaranteed.

Still, even though it may take a little time, I have a planned to do list of adding many new audio book recordings to our YouTube channel, and eventually other content.

❤ Have A Great Day Siblings and Oldest Parents, Much Love ❤

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