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A Fix For A Limitation (+Update)

I had to remove the clap button on the Oldest Parents birthday page, as well as the thumb vote button on the suggestions page.

I just explored the capabilities of those buttons and I did not know they were limited and on a free plan.

I thought they were full use available with WordPress our website host and design site but those 2 widgets require us to grab a monthly subscription to get full access to.

A short explanation is it would let us do 2,500 claps of cheer and then it doesn’t count anymore.

I know there is more than 2,500 family members who love the Oldest Parents, so I decided to discontinue use of those widgets and wait to see if anything free and unlimited of similarity becomes available to us.

There are still many things available on the Birthday Celebration page, and on the Suggestions page you can still add your feedback in the comments section, also you can email us.

I added a Pinterest gallery and follow button to our sidebar of our website, if your browsing on phone I think instead of being on the side, it will be at the bottom.

Hopefully we can share towards more Pinterest followers this way.

The New Pinterest Widget will look something like this below.

Another thing I did, which may seem small at first thought is I went on to our Deviant Art and added a new sectional link to our profile. It gives a link to the WLTOP website as well as a really cool description. Wanna see a preview?

Take a peek.

That is a display on our Deviant Art profile, listed on the side near the top, and to tell you a bit about our Deviant Art growth, we currently have 77 Watchers “or Followers/Subscribers”, a total of 1,900 Views, and 460 pieces of available Free WLTOP art.

We get a lot of attention on Deviant Art and I expect surges in activity there, good ones, so I am feeling very good about adding this free advertisement panel to our profile, redirecting Deviants to our WLTOP site.

If you want to view our Deviant Art or Pinterest, use the buttons at the top of our site right below the WLTOP Angel, or go into the menu just under those that says “Social”.

Growing WLTOP is fun, we are doing a good job together, and have found an entertainable number of ways of content, also allowing for room of new features.

I am studying new possibilities available to us on WordPress, and if anything, new and great is found, I will use it for our fun and growth.

❤ Siblings Like Niblings, Thank You Farmers ❤

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