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A Mobile Friendly (Update)

Previously I was excited to label our blog posts with Category word titles and also an author note saying something such as “Written by We Love The Oldest Parents” “Specific Author David Quigley”.

I’m changing how we manage our Categories and Author Notes.

The Author area allowed for labeling our posts to be noticed as different authors in our future WLTOP having their own posts giving them credit for writing it.

I opened the possibility for joiners on our suggestion page months ago and no one has applied yet, which is okay, because we are still new, growing, and I havent got much of a structure yet on how myself and another blog enterer or moderation staff would coteam lead.

Noticing that viewing WLTOP on a smart phone condenses the page into a much different view, I took these steps in hopes that viewers and fans participating through their smart phone could have as much easiness and fun as possible.

On a smart phone, the text and layout gets squished.

The side bar goes from the right side of the monitor to the bottom of the sites area.

Each blog post having categories (many usually) listed as links as a part of the description can make sorting through everything and trying to find what you want difficult, especially on mobile.

The Author note is cool and fun, but until we have myself and at least 1 other staff member contributor, it is extra mobile condense that I am experimenting on not using.

The goal in all this is for you to have the best experience possible on WLTOP, now and all the future.

Categories can still be used and browsed, however they are now found in the sidebar for PC users and the footer, for mobile users. You should see a box saying “Categories”, if you open it, it will list all the different forms of categories our blog posts take and you can choose which topic you wish to view.

The author note is still available at the bottom of each full view post, near the comments area. Because the author note can be found there, and due to wanting to make things easy on our Mobile participants, I am considering, even when we enjoy having a 2nd blog post maker, that the author note simply be at the bottom of each opened post, let me show you an example.

That post author note can be found at the end of the post.

The other method I was using, was on the WLTOP homepage, on the left side of each mini post description, it would list some of those details, but now that, and the many links of categories that were displayed on those home page mini entries have been hidden from that specific place.

I do much hope any of our Mobile friends will find a much more pleasant quality of joining us through their phone.

Our New Audio book recording of the Koran (Quran) is still at 99% processing on YouTube.

I’m excited to get that finished, I’m really hoping at some point tonight.

❤ A Joke: The Cow Has Reached Level 9 Lawn Mo(o)wing ❤

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