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New Partner Menu (Update)

I have been receiving emails from a group called Lady FreeThinker for a while.

They usually ask me to sign a petition to end animal abuse.

After having signed a few, I kind of had that “Ah-ha” moment and a little cartoon light turning on above my head of an idea.

WLTOP has had a few moments and parts of us where we have supported veganism and talked a bit about how animals are considered also as a part of our Creators family.

I noticed that Lady FreeThinker needs our support as siblings, suggesting to each other to choose plants, not meat, also love, not violence.

So in a desire to change peoples attitudes to animals are friends and family too, the Lady FreeThinker group has been added to our Partners menu area.

There, people can read a description of the group, and travel to the website to sign petitions to save lives.

As a Creation, especially as young as we are compared to our Creator, it is kind of a guess to say we don’t expect much our self to need to be a hero, maybe having an attitude of the more skilled family member would be more capable.

However, whether or not we see ourselves as a hero when we look in the mirror, is a bit distracting, because what’s happening is these animals need help.

For WLTOP’s part in this, we will be referring the Oldest’s fans to that group for any of the fans that wish to sign a petition to protect the Creators Creations, however furry, scaley, or feathery, they may be.

As a sidenote, if you wish to take a peek at a long and awesome list of tasty vegan and vegetarian foods, visit the WLTOP pinterest.

There we have gathered 400+ healthy eating recipes, chilis, burgers, sandwiches, deserts, breads, pastas, pizzas, tacos, and more. Find our Pinterest in our menu under social.

Examples Below, Click To Enlarge.

❤ You Caring, Is One Of The Best Family Sharing ❤

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