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A Big YouTube Channel (Update)

Its been talked about a few times and we have waited and waited.

I finally finished the rendering, uploading, and processing, of not 1, but 3 new audio books to our YouTube Channel.

Heres a list.

The Holy Koran (Quran) Audio Book (Islamic) (Parts 1 and 2)

Gleamings In Buddha Fields Audio Book (Buddhist)

and The Hindu Book Of Astrology Audio Book (Hinduism)

Thats a total of 4 new videos if you count parts 1 and 2 of the Koran separately.

I also edited much of the text of our videos, in the descriptions and titles.

Giving each video a link to the WLTOP site, and making the audio book recordings easier to sort through by labeling them with a similar structure and also finishing a religion category title upon each one, that will be helpful as we add more audio books.

You can find our YouTube channel with the YouTube button under the WLTOP Angel logo at the top of our site, or you can go into our menu under “Social”.

Please like the videos, comment, and subscribe if it pleases you, its free to do so and it helps the love grow.

Here below is a link to the WLTOP YouTube Channel to make it easy for you.

Click Here To Go To The WLTOP YouTube Channel

I do so hope you enjoy the new books and or that We Love The Oldest Parents is growing, and it is thanks to family, how great is that? Super great 🙂

I will try to find new and entertaining things to add to the YouTube channel.

❤ Joke: Why can’t I think of a joke? Nothings funny ❤
(Everything began from Nothing)

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