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Another Big YouTube Channel (Update)

Well recently we got our audio book recording section on our YouTube Channel filled with enough books to satisfy a moments growth.

Now the next thing was, to use the new learnings about YouTube I am getting for the Oldest Parents channel sake.

I restructured the WLTOP YouTube Channel layout, putting things into individual playlists, then grouping them together in sections.

I updated the titles and descriptions of videos, playlists, and our WLTOP About section.

Added newly to the channel is a vegan recipes playlist, a do-it-yourself playlist, a video game music playlist, and a anime music playlist.
(Those 2 playlists considered, here at WLTOP, we don’t believe in a too old to enjoy something attitude, we embrace that even the oldest can enjoy these things for their quality)

We also now have at the bottom of the WLTOP YouTube Channel a “Visit Our Friends” section.

That new section promotes other YouTube channels that have a good cause and family values, such as the Lady FreeThinker YouTube Channel, who puts effort into ending animal abuse, or the Family Search YouTube Channel, who helps people find their ancestral structure.

I don’t yet have major plans on how to improve the WLTOP YouTube Channel further at the moment, but the basic idea, is to fill the playlists more, find new categories of playlists that are family relevant to add, and also to upload more videos (Such as religious audio books).

I hope you enjoy these new changes; more will come.

❤ A Joke: Who Invented Green Beans?
A Being who had been inspired by the color Green ❤

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