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Rock And Roll Priest Art Set

I was playing the old super nintendo rpg video game “Secret Of Mana” on my smart phone tonight.

I decided to take a screenshot of my gameplay, edit it, and make art out of it.

So I present to you what I am calling the “Rock and Roll Priest Art Set”, because in the zoomin, a rather excited cartoon character appears who seems to be wearing a priest hat.

Take a look, see for yourself. Click to Enlarge.

Kinda has the KISS Rock and Roll Band tongue sticking out feeling to it yes?

Well I hope you like it, this art set will be going on our Deviant Art and Pinterest.

If you want to see how art such as these are made using the WLTOP Kaleidoscope and WallScroll art method, view our YouTube Channel for the DIY videos, also please subscribe to the WLTOP YouTube Channel, its free to do so.

❤ A Joke: Why do priests wear hats?
They add +9 defense against a bird dropping skill ❤

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